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Mobile Optimization
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Research firm Forrester predicts that by 2017, mobile ecommerce purchases will total $31 billion annually. We provide mobile website functionality that helps keep your company's brand in your customers' hands at all times. Our mobile stores are browser-based and automatically detects the handheld device being used. No app needs to be downloaded, giving users instant access to your online store.

We specifically tailor mobile page design and functionality that balances the need for simplicity with the desire for a rich experience. The result is an optimized shopping experience that is familiar, fast, and requires no deep dives to purchase.

Multiple storefronts
Multiple Storefronts
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Online merchants require the ability to showcase their brands and products using dedicated eCommerce websites. Our framework supports the creation and management of multiple storefronts using a single administration tool. The Storefront Category functionality enables the segmentation of products by storefront without any limitations to the number of categories or storefronts required. Customer accounts can also be shared across all storefronts using a common login or be separately managed and maintained for each unique storefront. Additionally, shipping and tax configurations can be unique for each storefront and are defined using the advanced administration tool.

Search filters
Smart Search Capabilities
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We provide a robust internal search engine which is fully integrated with the product catalog, complete with native faceted search and guided navigation, providing the best possible shopping experience. Customers can filter products by brand, color, size, and stock availability as well as any other attributes that can be dynamically generated. These smart search capabilities result in increased revenue, additional transactions, and strengthened customer loyalty for your company.

Multilingual Support and Automatic Translation
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Grow your sales internationally by selling in nearly any market around the world. High quality machine translation optimizes your website for the languages of your choice. No prior knowledge of additional languages is necessary.

Custom edits to the translation can be made at any time, and content is seamlessly synchronized as changes are made to your primary website. Separate, user-friendly URLs are added for each language, such as es.onlinestore.com.

Simplified, Powerful Promotion and Campaign Management
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Maintain complete control over coupons, price adjustments, dynamic promotional banners, customer segments and source codes.

Sale Coupons are completely configurable and include start and end dates as well as single and multiple use designations. Coupon rewards can include a product or order discount, a different ship table, price overrides, a future coupon, membership into a special customer segment, and/or a free SKU. Multiple scenarios can be created for coupons, such as "buy 1, get 1 free", "buy 3, get 1 at 50% off", or specify a discount per item or per order.

Price adjustment functionality provides the ability to dynamically adjust prices based on specific criteria, including percentage discount, fixed dollar discount, or fixed price, and provides complete control over start and end dates.

Dynamic banner functionality provides the capability to display banners dynamically based on the SKUs within a specific category or a product page. These banners can include special offers, coupons, or discounts or unique messaging to drive the shopping experience.


Customer segments enable marketers to create unique segments of customers, such as a "Customer VIP Program", that automatically enrolls select customers into designated entitlements to special site features and discounts, including free or discounted shipping, price adjustments, and custom landing pages.

Source codes can be easily created to allow tracking of external links to the website for email campaigns, banner ads, affiliate programs, or keyword buys. Additionally, source codes can be linked to coupons to track specific offers.

Shopping bag
Intuitive Merchandising
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Define an unlimited number product categories. A single item can exist in as many categories as needed to ensure customers find the exact item they are looking for. Using product group functionality, merchandisers can create recommended cross-sells and up-sells or create "also bought" groups to show customers other items they may be interested in based on other customers' purchases of similar items.

Merchandisers can also suggest items based on what customers actually purchased. A robust rules-based dynamic recommendations engine can automatically promote targeted items to a customer. When a customer views a specific product on the website, the system will display other products or SKUs based on a strategy defined by you. Create scenarios for cross-sells, similar items, "you might also like…", and more. These can be applied to specific or multiple storefronts.

The product details pages are completely customizable. Using powerful product attribute technology, merchandisers can customize what displays on pages such as product information, technical specifications, videos, multiple images, and any other specific attributes desired.

Product pages include customer ratings and reviews, which have been proven to significantly influence purchase decisions. Products can also be sorted by their rating on category pages.

Wish list Wish lists and product registries allow customers to select and buy products for themselves or others. Customers can search wish lists by name, email, or city. Customers can also receive email notifications when items on their wish lists go on sale or have low inventory.

Our Article Management functionality allows merchandisers to display product related or industry specific articles on web pages to help enhance the shopper experience. These articles can also be linked to suggested products to allow for quick purchase while the customer is engaged in reading a related article.

Easy-to-use Shopping Cart
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Ensure customers complete their first purchase, and every purchase, with our easy-to-use shopping cart and account management system. This "smart" shopping cart displays actual shipping charges, tax, discounts, and real order total. It also displays estimated ship date and estimated arrival date. The shopping cart review screen can be configured to allow customers to see their totals before entering additional information. Using a single screen, customers can enter their promotion or coupon codes, destination Zip codes, and ship method selections to get an accurate final order total prior to logging in or creating an account. Users can also modify quantities of items, delete items, save items for later, or move them to their wish list.

Studies have shown that a high percentage of all shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the checkout process. Commerce Haven can automatically send email reminders for abandoned carts in order to re-engage the customer.

One-Page Checkout
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Users can quickly and easily complete their orders. Previously saved billing and shipping addresses are available to the customer to modify or change, if needed. Customers can specify multiple shipping addresses for items within one order, if applicable. They also have the ability to add and edit gift messages and select a gift wrap option.

Previous payment methods are available for selection or change. An optional coupon or promotion code can be entered, which may discount the sale or add free gifts. Automatic coupons are processed and displayed. In addition, the estimated shipping and arrival dates can be displayed to the customer. One click of the "Place Order" button will submit the order for processing. Customers receive an immediate email, confirming their order.

Registered users can return to the website at any time to review previous orders and check order status, as well as modify their address information and payment methods on file. When reviewing previously placed orders, the "quick re-order" design allows for customers to quickly place re-orders for products.

Payment methods
Real-Time Credit Card Processing
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Commerce Haven provides real-time credit card processing and validation. If there is a problem with a credit card transaction, the customer can be notified immediately rather than via email or through a phone call at a later time or date.

Fraud detection evaluates orders based on certain factors associated with fraud (e.g., distance between IP address and billing address) or factors that increase risk (e.g., order dollar amount or certain international regions). Fraud detection flags orders that score a high probability of possible fraud. This information can be leveraged to put orders on hold and provide visibility into high risk orders.

A multitude of payment methods including PayPal, Bill Me Later, money orders, checks and gift cards can be allowed, giving the user maximum payment flexibility.

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