Back Office Integration

Our extensive integration with a variety of ERP systems means you only have to make changes in one place. Data is synced between your ERP and the website in real-time.

Products and SKUs

We integrate product pricing and style information putting your merchants in control and allowing your ERP system to own price management. We also have other features and functionality that allow you to offer customers flexible forms of sale pricing separate from your ERP. For example, perhaps you would like to create a quick on-the-fly sale for t-shirts but don't want to hassle with updating your ERP's pricing for 500 t-shirts. With our software it's as simple as setting a price adjustment on any combination of categories, subcategories, brands, products or SKUs—plus the ability to define exclusions. The price adjustments show on your website along with automatically being added to your "Sale" category. When customer orders are passed to your ERP, the website price overwrites your default pricing.


We update inventory quantity and product status (e.g. discontinued, active to be discontinued, etc.) in real-time on the live website. Our everyday logic takes into account pending purchase orders, purchase order ETAs and the products status to determine if it should be shown to the customer.

There are a variety of settings that allow you to choose if and when a product is visible. For example, if you want to allow back orders to be taken for out of stock items with open purchase orders, or if the product should be unsearchable while it is out of stock. We can pass along product ETAs to customers and the shopping cart as well as display low inventory messages. We will also automatically generate an email to customers who have made a request to be notified, the second your ERP shows inventory available for an item that was out of stock.


Most ERP systems have dysfunctional categorization mechanisms. Given the importance of categorization for customer shopping, we have a number of options that can assist in this process and open the doors for an improved customer browsing experience. For example, we can map our base categories to your ERP's category structure. Alternatively, if item numbers contain category information they can be automatically mapped. Additions, subtractions and/or changes are simple and can be done by anyone on your staff. Moreover, category and subcategory names, hierarchies, nesting, etc. can be easily changed for each of your unique storefronts (websites) for the customer presentation without impacting your ERP categories.

Our categorization functionality uses familiar drag and drop actions. Our system is designed to manage large product assortments and make it extremely easy and quick for merchants and content managers to quickly categorize and manage one, ten or thousands of products. We also offer the ability for our platform to own product categorization and provide you with product categorization references that can then be imported into your ERP on a regular basis. This enables merchants and content managers the ability to visually categorize products in folders with much greater accuracy and efficiency.

Brand management

Mapping brands is a snap even if you use multiple vendor ID's for the same brand. We can tie an unlimited number of your ERP's vendor ID's to a single brand. When new products are created in your ERP, those products arrive in our platform with the correct brand. Want to change it? No problem—changing a product's brand is quick and easy. In fact, you can change one product or 1000's of product's brands in a few seconds. None of this requires programming skills and can be done by anyone on your staff that's been given access.

Source codes and promotional codes

Most B2C ERPs have robust promotional and/or source code mechanisms. We fully integrate your source codes, even including offers that use special pricing independent of default prices. These source codes can provide powerful tracking and reporting as well as options for sale pricing and more. Our platform has the most powerful promotions engine (coupons, discounts, price adjustments, etc.) in the industry. It's simple to assign any promotion within our platform to a source code in your ERP to track customer response and other reporting metrics.

Order submission and order history

Orders placed by customers are seamlessly and automatically submitted to your ERP in near real-time. This means that as soon as the customer places their order, your customer service representatives have visibility of the order within your ERP. We have a variety of options that enable us to assign different order prefixes to assist you in identifying web orders.

In the event that your ERP is down or unavailable, we continue to accept orders independently, queuing them to be submitted automatically when the connection is restored. This buffer provides you great safety as some solutions rely on a persistent connection to allow the customer to place their order. As part of the customer's account services, we provide real-time order history and status. Customers can visit their account and see order history, order status, tracking information and even perform a "one click" re-order.

Shipping and contact information

Customer address, phone number and email address changes on the website get updated in your ERP automatically.

Payment information, gift certificates and credit balances

To maximize the customer's ability to place an order via their desired method, our platform allows customers to place orders and pay for them with elements native to your ERP. We integrate your ERPs gift card functionality and allow customers to pay for a portion or all of their order. They can even see remaining balances on gift cards via the "My Account" section, or during checkout.

We also integrate individual customer account balances and can offer it as a payment method. If a customer made a return or received a credit to their account for any other reason, this amount is visible in their account and may be used to pay for all or a portion of an order.

Some features and functionality exclusive to select ERPs. Contact us for more information.

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