Client Services

Our model is vastly different! In addition to our cutting edge web platform we offer one standard service which includes launch services, training, and ongoing help from skilled, live human beings located in Southern California. We view ourselves as an extension of your company and function as if we are your employees. By working closely on a regular basis, we know and understand your technical objectives and mix that with our deep comprehension of complex ecommerce.

Things don't stop there—we have some of the brightest software engineers in the world who are constantly adding key functionality. These new additions are immediately incorporated into subsequent platform updates, which we manage and update on your behalf. Need a special feature or function now? No problem, we will spec the project and estimate its cost in advance, giving you the option to move forward. Many features developed become part of the base product available to everyone on our platform.

UI and UX Design Services

Need to deploy a new or updated front-end? No problem, our services include comprehensive graphic and web design. With your imagination and our experience, together we can build a compelling user experience that focuses on maximizing sales and conversion. If you already have graphic design or marketing staff in house, we'll work with them directly to ensure your brand is authentically represented.

Our model isn't only different, it's a proven solution. But don't take our word for it, contact us for client referrals. They're our biggest advocates!

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